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Tate's Honey Farm

Amanda's last day working the shop. She is off to Kentucky to be with her husband. WE WILL MISS YOU AMANDA. Amanda's last day working the shop. She is off to Kentucky to be with her husband. WE WILL MISS YOU AMANDA.

Our day time visitors. They like to hang around the shop during the week. Our day time visitors. They like to hang around the shop during the week.  









 Amanda's last Day At the Shop        


Tate's Honey Farm is a family run business that has been meeting all your beekeeping needs since 1971. We run our own beekeeping operation and provide a location for all beekeepers to stop by and hear the latest news. The Coffee is always on and in the winter the fire place is going. If nothing else come in and talk bees with Jerry, Laura and Kaylee or one of the many beekeepers that stop by to visit. We have beekeeping equipment, honey, pollen, and candle making supplies and provide package bees, queens and pollination services.

 We have in full swing for package bee day. It will really be different this year. My two older grandsons Quinn and Jerren are now in the military Air Force and Army respectably and doing great. They won't be here to help and I will really miss them. Great grandson Wesley is to young to help. But I still have my granddaughters and they are a special blessing. We still have all our great friends to help out. Though we will all miss the Rich's as they have relocated to Wyoming. Best of luck to them.

Package Bee Day will be April 16, 2016. We have sold out the truck and will not have anymore packages. I currently don't know of any more packages to be sold but will be checking around. If you want on our waiting list for a cancellation please send me an email and I will add you to the growing list. We are checking around for Nucs available after package bee day and will be posting here and our shop phone message. Please send me a email if you are interested in nucs I currently have 11 nucs on the list. We are just getting a handle on our bees now so that it will be after April 16 before we have a handle on that.  


If you have ordered from Tate's Honey Farm and need info about your packages or queens please checkout our package bee page. If you have not received and email or voice confirmation you need to call us. We have processed all orders that we are aware of and don't want someone left out. We have queens available for order and our first queens will be here April 16. We will have queens the rest of the summer.


April 16, 2016 the Inland Empire Beekeeping Association is holding a package bee installing day, see there web site for details. Follow along through the spring, summer and winter on our blog as we do check our hives at different locations as the weather permits. I just heard that the commercial Beekeepers and start to move out of California and the almonds are done.   


Contact by phone at 509-924-6669, or email at

Or stop by our shop at E. 8900 Maringo Drive, Spokane, WA 99212.

See location and contacts for more details. Site updated 3/27/2016


NOTES: we accept cash or checks.  

  • We are in our summer hours now and are open  Saturday 0830 to 1700.
  • We will be closed November 26, 2016 for Thanksgiving Holiday and December 24, 2016 for Christmas Holiday. Plus December 31, 2016 for New Years.
  • We are sold out of packages but still have queens for order if you want them April 16. Otherwise we have them all summer long.












Laura and Kaylee waiting on customers during package bee day. This one day will see about 800 packages distributed to local beekeepers.

Checkout the new items on the New items page. Smoker fuel is great.   


We have queens for sale all summer long and ship to local areas.