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Our personal Blog on our own hives and sometimes on the IEBA hives as I work them. This is what we are seeing and thinking as the season progresses.

Here it is Nov, 28 2018 and we are putting our bees to bed for the winter have 4 hives let to move to the winter yards. We are putting away equipment and setting aside what needs to be repaired or painted. Our loses this fall have been higher than expected but with me not able to really work the bees after my surgery June 26, they didn't get the care they needed in mid summer and fall. Most of our loses have been since early Oct. and they have been hives with 8 to 10 frames of honey and no bees inside. Looks like the early days of colony collapse. The hives were not robbed out. The saving grace is we have enough honey in each hive to replace itself with a package and then some.  Just have some extracting to do. i'm getting in some easy on hive covers to try out and see how they insulate the hives. They come from Western Bee Supply.


March 28 and I thought I would update you on what we have going on. Our package bee day is still holding for April 13.  I have been checking hives and our losses in 2 year old hives is running about 50%. Our last year packages are running about 10%. Some of our wintered over hives had a brood disease and it wouldn't go away. In a hive i check on 1/29/19 i found two frames with the disease and 2 without. The hive was dead by mid March.