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Our personal Blog on our own hives and sometimes on the IEBA hives as I work them. This is what we are seeing and thinking as the season progresses.

3/7/18-Time to start our summer Blog as we have worked over 30 hives now. Couple of weeks ago we work about 15 hives and were surprised at the strength of the hives and they had started raising brood. Today we work hives in the same yard and the hives work strong, but the was little to no brood. The queens were just starting to lay again after the cold spell. We had one hive with about 12 frames of bees and maybe less than a pound of honey in the hive. The old honey bank became a savior today. We had one hive two year old queen laying drones and so we pinch her off and combine that with a dink hive with a queen. Will check them tomorrow to see if queen is ok. This last cold spell cause some of the winter bees in the hive to die and they were cleaning them out of the hives the last couple of days. Inner cover entrances were reduced by the bees during the real cold we had.  Now is the time in the next few weeks to make sure everything is ok and they are alive.  Package bees are selling out very quickly.