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 Gifts and Soaps


  Bees-to-Bubbles Soap $5.25 each Bees-to-Bubbles Soap
  Apple-Mint   Lavender (w/lavender buds)
  Black-Orange (Anise and Orange)   Lemon/Lavender (w/lavender buds)
  Clove, Orange, and Cinnamon   Lemongrass/cedar
  Coconut-Lime   Lilac
  Dirt (Exfoliating Soap)    Milk, Oats, and Honey 
  Egyptian Musk    Road Trip 
  Eucalyptu/Lemon   Rose (w/rose petals)
  Gardenia   Sandalwood/Vanilla
  Guy Soap   Sunshine
  Hemp Blossom   Tea Tree-Honeysuckle
  Her Soap   Twist of Twigs
      Vanilla Musk


Soaps are by Bees-to-Bubbles Soap

Try them they are great gifts and great to use yourself.











"Bee" Key-Pers

Key lanyards with lots of beesKey lanyards with lots of bees

Key lanyardsKey lanyards










We can make up special gift baskets or honey gift packs

Gift box of different honeysGift box of different honeys

Gift BasketsGift Baskets










Special Christmas BasketSpecial Christmas Basket











Queen Bee Cup











New for 2016 is blown glass bee earrings and necklaces. These are all made by a local artist Janet Crosby of Firefly. You have to see them and you won't be able to not buy one.

Blown glass bee earrings and necklacesBlown glass bee earrings and necklaces












Blown glass bee necklacesBlown glass bee necklaces