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Package Bees and Queens


Friends and customers helping unloadFriends and customers helping unload

 setting out our own packages Sunday Morningsetting out our own packages Sunday Morning










We are currently sold out of packages but we still have Queens for sale.


Package Bee day is a big and important day for beekeepers and our family. For us it is the beginning of the bee season and all our family comes together to make this day work. My brother Cliff's family, my sister Lisa, my son Jason's family (boyfriends too) and my daughter's two kids show up and help. It is a great time for all of us and our customers as we make new bee friends and help everyone with there needs.  We will again have 3# packages and queens bees from Can-Am Apiaries in Orland, CA. Leonard and Linda Pankratz have been with us for over 22 years and provide quality Italian and Carniolan packages and queens. Package bee day will be April 15, 2017. All you need to do is call the shop 509-924-6669 or email us at We will need name, address, phone number and email address and whether you want Carniolan or Italian. Make sure you have a confirming email or phone call with pricing by March 11, 2017. It helps us if you email your order.


                                       Package Pricing

Our packages are 3# of bees with a queen. We always try to get marked queens for our packages but it is not always possible. We don't ship packages.

  •    3# Carniolan Packages        Pricing is $141.00 which includes sales tax
  •    3# Italian Packages              Pricing is $141.00 which includes sales tax

                 3# package is $129.72 and with sales tax it is $141.00

Queen Pricing  2017 

California Queens

Queens are available from April 15 till Aug 30, 2017


  •    Carniolan Queen                              Pricing $39.00/$42.39 with sales tax
  •    Italian Queen                                    Pricing $39.00/$42.39 with sales tax

                                            Mountain Top Queens

                                    Available Mid Summer

  • Local Grown Mt Spokane Queens      Pricing $48.76 with out sales tax and $53 with sales tax

Local beekeepers have been attempting to raise Local queens on a small scale for the past few years. These queens are proven Daughters of proven 2 to 3 year old Tiger Queens. They are mated in remote beeyards with selected drone mother hives.


  • Queen mothers selected by:    
    • Long lived 2-3 years old with hygienic traits
    • High Honey production
    • Good overwintering traits
    • 4+frames of brood in March for early buildup
    • 2+ frames of honey remaining
  • Queens stays in mating nuc until eggs, larva and capped brood are produced which increases queen introduction and proven queen.


Tiger Queens are Carniolan/Caucasian mixed stock.     

 Note: When ever possible we purchase Marked queens.

Queens will be available starting April 15 2017 till Aug 30, 2017

We do ship queens in the Pacific Northwest only