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Caucasian Bees

 Caucasian honeybees originated from the high valleys of the Central Caucasus. They are a silver gray to dark brown in color. Caucasian bees are slower to build up in the spring, they are more gentle than the Italian and not prone to rob and are on average just as productive as the Italians. They produce an excessive amount of propolis which may be beneficial if you collect it, otherwise it can make it more difficult to work in the hive because they produce a very sticky  propolis.

 Characteristics are: 

• Moderate tendency to swarm 

• Large and strong population 

• Relatively gentle and non-aggressive 

• Winter well by stopping brood production in the fall 

• Forages earlier and on cooler days 

• Produce and use a good deal of propolis 

• Silver gray to brown in color 

• Has a longer tongue than most races and can thereby take advantage of more nectar sources than most 

• Slow spring startup 

• Are not prone to rob